All the Deets on Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove's New Movie 'A Mouse Tale'

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Drake Bell is back in a brand new animated movie with his Drake & Josh costar Miranda Cosgrove called A Mouse Tale. We talked to Cambio Guest Editor Drake and the writer/director of the English version of A Mouse Tale, Mychal Simka all about the film, why it's not your typical fairytale and the reason Drake and Miranda's fans will love it.

Cambio: Drake, you have a long history of working with Miranda. What was it like working with her on a project again?
Drake: Miranda played Megan, my little sister on Drake & Josh, but in A Mouse Tale she is the leader and the one bossing me around. So it was a little bit of a fun change!

Cambio: What's your favorite classic fairytale?
Drake: Peter Pan.

Cambio: What's the message or moral of this story?
Mychal: The message of the story is twofold for me. The first is about the nature of love and what it means. Sebastian is in love with the princess, but he doesn't even know who she is. She's just a dream. He believes in that. But he doesn't believe in himself even though he really wants to become a wizard. Sam, the girl mouse, believes in him because he's her best friend, and she tries to get him to believe in himself and forget about the princess. Sam turns out to be the princess in the end so the message is about where your heart should be and where your dreams should be. In other words, sometimes we wish for something that's right in front of us - love. And if we waste time wishing for something we already have, then we hardly have time to believe in ourselves and believing in ourselves is what allows us to do great things, like becoming a wizard. In the end, Sebastian finds love and the fulfillment of his dream to become a wizard. Without Sam, neither of those things would have happened.
Cambio: Why do you think people should see this movie?
Mychal: A Mouse Tale is one of my favorite projects. It took a lot of work, a few months in fact, to construct a story with all elements of fairies, mice, green cats, giants, rock monsters, etc. The dialog was refined more than in any of my other films. It's not the funniest or most action-packed of my films, but it is the deepest and most meaningful of the bunch. Not to mention the performances - Miranda and Drake are so darn cute as these little mice, Cary Elwes as the gallant knight mouse (a nod to Princess Bride) is one of my fav's, Gregg Sulkin, Dallas Lovato and The Heirs all have smaller but highly memorable parts. As I said, this has been my favorite movie making experience so far.

Cambio: How is A Mouse Tale different from other fairy tales we've seen before?
Mychal: It's more than just a princess story cartoon or a typical animated feature with talking animals. It's actually more of an epic journey film. Very different from other much higher budget animated films. I see it as something like Lord of the Rings with mice instead of hobbits. The journey and goals are serious. The enemies are actually life-threateningly dangerous. So the meaning is much deeper in the end. It's not a laugh a minute film like my previous films Birds Of Paradise or Wings, but it wasn't intended to be. Having said that, I think there are some pretty good jokes in this one especially for fans of Drake and Miranda's earlier TV shows (there are a few nods to iCarly, Drake & Josh and even The Amanda Show which the fans will get a kick out of).

Cambio: Drake, any update on your wrist injury?
Drake: I broke my wrist back in November, and I'm still trying to get motion back. It affected my guitar playing, but I'm working on it!


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