Taylor Swift Reveals the Last Time She Was Mean to Someone

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Taylor Swift is mean? While it might seem like that is pretty impossible, it's not. The singer recently revealed that she didn't hold back when it came to a rude dude a few nights ago.

During a recent interview with the Telegraph, Taylor opened up about some things that we've all been pretty much dying to ask her. You know, real, real-life questions...

The best response from her came when she was asked about the last time she was unpleasant or rude to someone. We kind of feel bad for this guy...She totally put him on blast.

"The other night. I was mean to this guy, but only because he was doing this thing that I've heard about in the [Neil Strauss] book The Game," she said.

"We were all seeing a show and he comes up and he was doing that compliment-criticism thing, where you say you like my hair then you say, 'Where did you get that hair dye? I can see your roots'. It's a thing guys do if they're trying to hit on a girl and they want to bring her down a bit so she craves their positive attention. So I kind of went off on him like, 'You think people don't know what you're doing? You legitimately think I'm an idiot. Everybody's read that book!'"

Haha! Got to love Tay-Tay. There should be little clones of her so we an all have a BFF like her to have with us at all times. Wonder who that guy was? Hmm...

That's not all she opened up about in the interview, either. Taylor was asked who her last text message was from. Can you guess who?

"It's from Ed [Sheeran]! It says, 'You're sitting right next to me and Haim [at the Grammys] it looks like'. Yes, oh my God! I'm happy we've got a really good crew this year, it's like me, Sam [Smith], Haim, Ed, that's a good enough crew. We all know each other, we all like each other, those are all good people who will be up and dancing."

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