Girl Tries to Get Kylie Jenner Lips, Fails Miserably

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Oh no no no no no. This is terrible! Didn't we learn anything from the Jenna Marbles video where she tried to get Kylie Jenner lips?

As soon as we saw the suction thing smashed against her face, we knew it wasn't going to end well. Of course, the title of the video is "Lip Enhancer Fail," so that was sort of a tip-off, too.

Kylie has said so many times that her lips are a result of over-lining and plumping them out in photos, but people still think there is some sort of secret trick that she's using and the result of them trying to figure that out is videos like these that teach us to never, ever try this at home!

Brittany, the girl in the video tells Buzzfeed that her lips "were so big and red the next day, my Pilates instructor even asked if I would like the lights turned off!"

Fortunately, after a day or two of bruising, her lips did eventually shrink back down to size. "I think I'll give lip enhancers a miss for now," she tells them. "The results were hilarious but I'm very appreciative of my little lips now!"

Can't say we blame her...
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