Josh Hutcherson Doesn't Know His Own Twitter Password, Is Afraid of Drunk-Tweeting

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If you've been chatting it up with Josh Hutcherson on his official Twitter account, we have some bad news - you haven't actually been talking to the Hunger Games star himself. Like a lot of other celebrities, Josh has someone run his Twitter account for him, but Josh's reason is a little different than some other stars'.

"I shouldn't have a Twitter with two-point-something million followers," he told Jimmy Fallon. "People drunk text. If you drunk tweet, it's 2.6 million times worse...and so what I do, as a precaution for myself, I don't have my Twitter password."

"I don't have it, I can't even log into my own Twitter," he continues. "Someone else has it for me and when I need to tweet something for like whatever, I'm like 'tweet this.'"

He explained that you can just be doing something as a joke and, "It can ruin a whole can take like 12 years to build a career and ruin it in 140 characters or less. It's too powerful."

Of course, Jimmy had some suggestions that Josh could tweet if he did want to start logging on to his own account. Check out the video above to see Jimmy's awesomely adorable suggestion.
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