Guy Covers His Body in Mentos, Jumps Into Bathtub Full of Coke Zero

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We are not really sure what the heck we just watched, or more importantly WHY we watched it, but we did and so did you because it's too strange not to.

There is that whole urban legend about Mentos and Coke and there are plenty of YouTube videos where people put Mentos into a Coke bottle and boom! volcano in a bottle.

There aren't, however videos of people covering their entire bodies in Mentos and plunging into a bathtub filled with Coke Zero - well, there weren't, until this guy came along.

We can't figure out if this experience was painful or what the heck is really going on under all of that fizz, but it's here, it's weird and that's really all there is to it.

To be honest, it wasn't as exciting as we were expecting it to fact, now that we think about it, it's kind of a waste of Coke - and Mentos. At least he didn't use straight strawberry packages, because we would have been pissed if he wasted that many of those.
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