9 Roommates You Should Avoid in Order to Stay Sane

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I've been lucky enough in my life to live with awesome roommates, which is great, because right now I live with eight of them. I've shared a space with a variety of different roommates over the past five years, and I wouldn't trade communal living for the world (or, rather, a studio apartment). But I know plenty of people who now have serious bad blood with their former bunkmates. While not every roommate-situation-gone-sour is foreseeable (you can't always spot the person who refuses to doze off to anything other than death metal) there are certain people that you simply should not live with as a hard-and-fast rule. If you're lucky enough to pick your own roommate, stay away from these people - your sanity depends on it.

1) The Person You're Crushing On

Sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people fall into this trap, especially if their affections for the person are kept under wraps. If you're good pals with your secret crush, living together might come up one day, and it might even sound like a pretty amazing idea in the moment - you'll be spending so much time together that you'll have to fall in love, right? The answer is not so much, and instead you'll be faced with a number of awkward situations, like hiding in your room while they have a date over or refusing to look less than your best during finals week when you should be finding your coziest sweats to study in.

2) The Frenemy

Sometimes you just LOVE this girl, like, so much, it's ridiculous. Other times you'd rather scratch your own eyes out than look at her smug, judge-y face. Friendship isn't always sunshine and roses, but if you're acting more like Blair and Serena at their worst than at their best, things will only get worse the more time you spend in one another's proximity.

3) The Friend Who Has Completely Different Living Standards Than You

You can love someone so much and still hate the fact that their idea of cleaning is hiding dirty dishes under the sink. If you're the slob, living with someone who spends hours meticulously cleaning the groves of your bathroom tile with a toothbrush is going to infuriate you. Don't risk losing a perfectly great friendship because you try to force yourself into an uncomfortable co-habitation situation.

4) The Friend Who's a Little Needy

If you've ever described a potential roommate as "exhausting," do not live with that person. If this person is so wrapped up in their own drama that they continually bring you down with them, then you're better off letting this person vent to you during a monthly brunch and not every day after you get home from class.

5) The Friend Who's a Bad Influence

You have no idea what it is about this friend, but they are somehow capable of dragging you out to a bar when you know you have a midterm you barely studied for at 7AM the next day. Everyone needs a friend who can shake them out of a rut, but if your pal's influence tends to not work in your favor, it'd be a wise decision to keep them out of your living arrangement. You can call them up on Friday for jumping into a pool in your party dress instead.
Friends dressed up jumping into the pool at night.

6) The Friends With Benefits You Can't Shake

I'm a firm believer in that you can still be pals with someone you used to hook up with, but bringing them into your living space is bound to get awkward, especially if you're still hooking up with them. Living together creates a level of intimacy that is simply not conducive to your casual arrangement. Save the booty calls for when they're not over in the next room.

7) The Friend Who's A Mooch

If your friend is constantly asking for cash for extra guac at Chipotle, you can probably assume that they won't be the timeliest when it comes to rent. Save yourself the hassle.

8) The Friend Who's A Little Shady

Sure, you guys are tight, but there's always been an air of mystery around this friend, and you suspect that it might not be super legal. No one wants their real life to look like Breaking Bad.

9) The Ex

Most people don't start out living with their exes - they sign up to live with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and though the relationship expires, the lease does not. If you do breakup mid-lease, the best advice I can give is to haul ass out of that apartment as quickly as you can. Nick and Jess from New Girl are fictional characters and in real life would probably have destroyed each other's stuff by now.


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