Miley Cyrus Fan Twerk-Asks Her to Prom in New Proposal Video

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It's that time of the year again. You know, prom proposal season...and the first one of the year to go viral is for Miley Cyrus.

We have to give it to this Smiler. He didn't go the original route, and actually twerked his way into asking her to prom. For reals.

YouTuber Andrew Crain, a high schooler from New Brunswick, Canada, posted a promposal video online Monday asking his favorite pop star to be his date. He goes by the online alias "Andrew Cyrus," and recruited some friends to help him in the video.

"You should go to prom with Andrew because he's awesome, amazing and he's such a funny person," one pal said. "He can probably twerk better than you, so you two can have a twerk-off at prom," another friend added.

Andrew proved his friend right by showing off his twerking moves on camera. He also revealed his impressive collection of Miley-related memorabilia.

We aren't sure if Miley's seen the video yet or not, but we're assuming she will. Hopefully she responds to him, she's known to do that. Last year a fan made her a promposal video, and she gave him concert tickets and backstage passes to meet her.

Check out Andrew's video below.

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