The Commercial for Normal Barbie Is as Awesome as the Doll Itself

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When we first heard that Lammily was releasing a "Normal Barbie," we loved the idea. Unlike the other popular dolls, this Barbie is just like us. Thanks to a special sticker kit, she can have freckles, acne, moles, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, scrapes, bruises, and tattoos. Some of the things she doesn't come with? An unrealistically tiny waist and disproportionately huge breasts.

This new commercial for the true-to-life doll is all about embracing your flaws. At the beginning of the video, the normal Barbie posts about a vacation she's taking to Miami, which can only mean one thing: It's bikini time!

As she prepares for her trip, she's bombarded with the usual stuff women see when they go out in the world - super skinny models, weight loss ads, cellulite removal services - the whole nine.

When she finally does get to the beach, she notices that all of the other girls on the beach have flaws, too. Eventually, she feels comfortable enough to bare her own bikini body - flaws and all - and the impromptu imperfection party proves that there is nothing more beautiful than just being you.

The Lammily doll is now for sale on their website for $25. If you want to buy the "marks collection" (freckles, cellulite, etc.) it's an extra $6, but don't worry, even if you just buy the regular doll, you're still doing something awesome. She is made according to typical human body proportions with the goal of promoting realistic beauty standards to help children develop a positive body image. So, you can't really go wrong either way!
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