Uber's First Employee Tweeted for Job and Now He's a Billionaire

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It pays to tweet. Literally.

Unbeknownst to Ryan Graves, he was about to land the job of a lifetime when he replied "hire me : )" to a tweet from someone looking for help for an entrepreneurial venture.

The tweet promised "BIG equity," according to Forbes, and it happened to come from Travis Kalanick, the CEO and cofounder of Uber. Although the company is flourishing now, it was relatively unknown at the time. But, five years later, that promise of big money paid off in a major way...Travis has joined Forbes' billionaires list at only 31. The mag estimates Travis's stake in the company is worth $1.4 billion. Uber itself was reportedly worth $41.2 billion in December and made Travis and cofounder Garrett Camp billionaires last summer.

Ryan, a San Diego native, had a "brief stint" as Uber's CEO, but was replaced by Travis in late 2010 – a move they were both "pumped" about. Travis stayed on as head of global operations and helped Uber launch in hundreds of cities in 55 countries so far.

Prior to his position at Uber, Ryan didn't have the best luck when it came to his career. He had an "unglamorous" position at General Electric before "hustling" an internship at Foursquare. A few months after he landed that internship, he got the job with Uber.

Talk about inspiring.

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