Oh, Yeezus! 'Air' From Kanye West Shows Listed on eBay, Top Bid at $60,000

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At the risk of inflating his already large ego: Someone loves Kanye West as much as Kanye loves Beyonce.

Apparently, an individual from Elkins Park, Pennsylvania - who shall remain nameless even if we did know their name because shame on you - posted a Ziploc bag containing "air" from one of the shows on the Yeezus tour on eBay. The listed item is not to be mistaken for the rapper's Nike Air Yeezys, which is popular with sneakerheads. We're talking about the stuff we're breathing in all day every day...for free.

But the eBay seller isn't the one who's the hardcore Kanye fan - it's the top bidder. According to the Daily Mail, someone put in a bid of over $60,000 with three days left in the auction. Fortunately, a moderator from the e-commerce site wised up and the listing was taken down before further nonsense ensued.

Maybe we could wrap our brains around this if it was a specific type of air, like the kind 'Ye inhales while kissing Queen Bey's a**. Alas, the description on the item only read: "Held bag open and sealed air in."

We don't know what's worse, this or the time Directioners tried to sell Harry Styles' roadside vomit. Barf!

Of course, this whole thing inspired other crazies people to follow suit with two copycats worth mentioning.

One seller not only "captured" air (currently at $152.50) while 'Ye performed in his hometown of Chicago, he did so using an "exclusive gold bag" and included a photo of the concert tickets as "proof."

Another is auctioning off Kanye's "sealed fart" at a starting price of just five bucks. No takers on that yet.

Happy bidding!

UPDATE: Kanye's other half Kim Kardashian got a kick out of all of this.
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