Fan Asks James Franco to Prom...Did He Say Yes?

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Go big or go home.

Self-proclaimed James Franco fan, Bianca Figueroa, took a leap of faith and put together a proposal video in which she asked the Interview star to be her date to prom.

"My senior prom is April 18th. I am a huge @jamesfrancotv fan and it would be my dream and make my entire life if he were to go with me. So please share this and tag him a million times! Lol use the hashtag#FrancoPromposal," Bianca wrote on Instagram Tuesday.

In the video, she references just about all of his big films, saying, "Will you by the Michael to my Bennett, the Oz to my Galinda, the Daniel to my Kim? I mean honestly I can go on and on with all of these references, and I know the only way you'd go out with me is if horses were to fly..."

At that point, the costumed winged horse laying in front of her gets up and "flies" away. "I promise if you go to prom with me everyone will hate us 'cuz they ain't us," she says referencing a scene in his film The Interview, before finishing up the clip.

It looks like all those #Francopromposal hashtags quickly got James' attention, because Wednesday, he posted a screenshot from her video on Instagram with the caption, saying, "WHAT A PROPOSAL!!!!❤️ I wish I could go to Prom @Princessbianca_xo but they'd hate us cuz they ain't us, fo' shore!!!"

Although he politely turned down her request, Bianca is still smitten nevertheless. After seeing his response, she wrote, "IM CRYING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. I CAN'T BREATH AND I'M SHAKING. The guy that im in love with knows i exsist. Its totally fine that he cant go, i figured he couldnt anyways. But he knows i exsist. I'm seriously the happiest person on earth. I love you so so so so so much!!❤❤ @jamesfrancotv."

She also changed her name in her Instagram bio to Bianca Figueroa-Franco, adding, "James Franco noticed my existence on 3/4/15, my life is complete."

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