This Little Girl Had the Perfect Response When a Boy at School Called Her Ugly

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First of all, this little girl is absolutely adorable. Second of all, at just four years old, she is clearly wise beyond her years.

When a boy at school called her ugly, she was not about to take it. "What happened in school today?" the person filming the video asks. "A little boy said I looked... ugly," she replied.

Oh no he didn't! Don't worry, though, this little girl doesn't need any help handling her bully.

So, what did she say to the guy? Only the absolute best thing any girl could ever say when some kid has the nerve to comment on their appearance at school, "I said, 'I didn't come here to make a fashion statement, I came here to learn, not look pretty!'"

Let's just stop everything we're doing and picture that exact moment...we wish we could have been there to burst into applause the second she said it.

Got anything else to say, buddy? Turns out, he did. He then told her she looked "bad." Don't even sweat it, though, she was ready for that one, too. "I said 'did YOU look in the mirror lately? Buh bye, see you later!'"

Enough said...
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