These Second Graders' Reactions to "Normal Barbie" Are Absolutely Amazing

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These kids totally get it. When they were presented with Lammily's realistic-looking doll, which has been dubbed the "normal Barbie," they had a lot to say about her and there is so much to be learned from what they said.

So, what's so different about this Barbie? For starters, she's the first fashion doll made according to typical human body proportions. The company made the doll to promote realistic beauty standards and help children develop a positive body image.

What's even cooler is that people can purchase the "Marks kit," which has stretch marks, acne, scrapes, bruises, scars and all of the other stuff normal people have on their bodies.

What is even more encouraging than all of the positive attention the doll is getting is watching as these kids react to seeing it.

"If you all looked the same, it would be hard to tell people apart," one kid says. "It looks like she had some fun outside," says one kid as they observe some of the cuts and scrapes.

Turns out, all of the 'imperfections' make her more relatable to the kids because they feel like she does the same kind of stuff they do. Hopefully toy companies are paying attention to this video!
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