'Insurgent' Star Jai Courtney's "Big Junk" Ruined Pants During Filming

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Jai Courtney kicks major butt as villainous Eric in Insurgent, and his intensity playing the role had some interesting effects while they were shooting.

The actor, who said the amount of physical stunts in Insurgent went up a notch from those in Divergent, admitted he had some technical difficulties with his costume in one particular scene.

"Whether it was budget or just creative vision, [the stunt training] was one upped this time around," Jai told reporters at the Insurgent junket Friday. "I think it's awesome. When we did Divergent, some people referenced that as an action film and maybe – somewhat cockily – I rejected that a little, but I think this definitely is."
40947.cr2"That's not to say it abandons the things the story is rooted in, but it was fast paced and pretty electrifying," he continued. "I went through a few pairs of pants running across that field. The construction of those pants isn't made for..."

"Big Junk," Insurgent star Theo James chimed in. "...Big junk," Jai continued with a laugh.

Speaking of action flicks, the actor also talked to Access Hollywood that day about his upcoming role as Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad, which also stars Will Smith and newly platinum blonde Jared Leto.

"Everyone's been in training, but we're yet to kind of all converge and get down, but that's happening this week," Jai said. "I can't wait. It's really cool. It's going to be [as] big as you can imagine and, you know, it's a really interesting world."

Hopefully, they'll give him some better pants.

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