This Is Who Justin Bieber's Man Crush Is

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Justin Bieber might be all about the ladies these days, but that doesn't mean he's totally counted dudes out. The Biebs actually recently revealed who his man crush is. Can you guess who?

According to, Bieber has a man crush on Ben Affleck because he thinks the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor has a 'cool vibe'.

Justin is a huge admirer of the 42-year-old actor because of his success and the way he conducts himself. We totally don't blame him for digging his swagger.

When asked who his male crush is, Justin named Ben, adding, "I think his vibe is cool." Bieber also admitted he wishes he had an alter-ego like Ben's Batman character.

He said he wishes he could just disappear when the attention from the paparazzi and the public got too much. That would've been nice when he got arrested last year.

"I wish I had the Batman thing where people didn't know I was Bruce Wayne. Like I had a costume or something," he told Men's Health magazine.

Surprised by who Justin's man crush is? We aren't...Ben's freakin' hot!

Ben Affleck

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