This Guy Makes $250,000 a Year Impersonating Alan from 'Hangover'

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Former restaurant manager Thaddeus Kalinoski has been living it up in a whole new way ever since he transformed himself into a lookalike of Alan from The Hangover four years ago.

According to the Daily Mail, the doppelganger parties it up day and night, hanging out with celebrities and women, thanks to his resemblance to the character. Thaddeus looks so much like Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis in the film, that casting directors hired him as a double for Zach in The Hangover III.

"Becoming Alan has changed my life forever," he told the site. "I now live the life in Las Vegas partying round the clock and all because I look like a guy from a film. I still have to pinch myself that I actually make a living doing this."

Alan added that he lives every day like he's in The Hangover, adding, "some of the adventures [are] as crazy as what people saw in the film. At first, when I started this, it was a way of getting my head clear, and I thought it would be a short term thing. I never imagined it would become a kind of second career."
"However, now it is my life and no two days are the same," he continued. "I have had some of the craziest nights out partying with people, and have laughed non-stop about the whole process – it's the best thing that ever happened to me."

As it turns out, Thaddeus's whole transformation into Alan started on a whim. After his wife left him, he overate, overdrank, packed on 20 pounds and essentially let himself go. After not shaving for several weeks, he looked in the mirror one day and realized he looked like Alan.
Soon, other people started telling him the same thing. So, he decided to see if he could make some money impersonating him on the side for extra money. After trying his hand at it in Vegas, Thaddeus said, "Throughout the whole weekend people were just coming to me, handing me drinks, posing with me wanting to party. Girls were making out with me in cabs and nightclubs within seconds of meeting me and people were just so kind."

Now that the real Zach has dropped a ton of weight and there doesn't appear to be another Hangover in the works, Thaddeus isn't sure how long he'll be able to keep making a ton of money off of his impersonation. Still he said, "it's been an unbelievably great ride."

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