Troublemakers, Beware! Parents Are Punishing Their Kids With an "Old Man Haircut"

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In hair-raising - better yet, hair-receding - news, parents who are at their wits end can take their unruly children to an Atlanta barbershop to get the "old man haircut" aka the "Benjamin Button Special."

Ouch! Not even Brad Pitt could pull that off.

The idea behind the unconventional form of punishment is that children who "act grown" can look it.

Russell Fredrick, co-owner of A-1 Kutz in Snellville and father of three, told The Washington Post that he began offering the service free of charge after he tried it out on his own 12-year-old son and it worked. Apparently, the boy's grades "dramatically skyrocketed" immediately after he experienced "hair loss."

Last we checked, we had a vagina, so it's not like we even had to worry about this sort of thing happening to us growing up. But we totally know what it feels like to be ridiculed at school for having a bad haircut. (Thanks a lot, mom!) Is all of this really worth the possibly irreparable damage to one's self-esteem?

While he claims that the feedback he's gotten has been mostly positive, Russell thinks parents should consider the severe stunt as a last resort. "I hope that most people won't have to do this unless it's an extreme circumstance and nothing else is working," he pointed out. "First, you talk or implement your restrictions. But when the conventional ways don't work these days, you have to get creative."

It seems lots of parents are getting creative these days. Back in October, one desperate dad from Louisville, Kentucky, did the complete opposite of what Russell is suggesting. He made his nearly 6-feet-tall, 10-year-old daughter go to school dressed like a little girl after finding out that she was pretending to be twice her age and that she had an older boyfriend. Then, he took pictures of her and posted them to Facebook. Russell, or Rusty Fred as he's known on Instagram, also showed off his handiwork on social media sites.

What do you think of all this? Should he cut it out - or will troublemakers thank him and their parents later?
Barber Offers 'Benjamin Button' Haircuts For Misbehaving Boys


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