Teen Convicted After Spending $30,000 That Ended Up in His Account

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Note to everyone: If a ton of money miraculously appears in your bank account, don't go on a shopping spree...at least not until you ask some questions.

A Georgia teen got convicted after he spent the majority of $30,000 that a bank teller mistakenly put in his checking account, according to Fox 8. Now, not only will he spend the next 10 years on probation, he also has to pay all of the money back.

"The daddy apologized about a dozen times that he was sorry it happened and the boy said he was sorry. That's about all he said," 70-year-old Steven Fields, who owned the account where the money was supposed to go, told the outlet. Steven and the teen have the same name, both live in the small town of Hull, Ga., and have also lived on the same street at one point.

After Steven sold land, he deposited more than $30,000 in his checking account...or so he thought. Even though he's known the bank teller that made the mistake for years, the money still ended up in the wrong account.

The teen's mom, Stacey Sorrow, told CBS 46 she told the bank teller she should've realized her mistake before everything happened, and that the teen was very "excited" when he saw all of that dough pop up in his account. "I would have been too," Stacey added.

As for what Steven spent the money on, he reportedly balled out on a BMW, among other items.


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