What Can the Apple Watch Do (or Not)? 5 Things We Know So Far

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Can you recall a recent moment when you asked a friend for the time and she checked her watch? I can't - but I do remember plenty of times when my friends have whipped out their cellphones. The primary function of a watch is absolutely less necessary now that the world is permanently attached to their cellphones, but that doesn't mean the watch can't join the 21st century. That's what Apple is attempting to do with their latest piece of must-have technology, the Apple Watch. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch begin April 10, and I can almost guarantee that the world will be lining up to acquire their very own Apple time teller. But what else can the Apple Watch do? It certainly has some cool functions, but before you line up for one of your own, here's what you need to know:

1) It won't replace your Iphone:
In fact, the Apple Watch is really only useful if you're looking to improve your connection to your already-existing Apple product. According to PCWorld, you can dictate text and voice messages to your Apple Watch, but ultimately those messages are sent through your accompanying smartphone. There is also a built-in speaker and microphone to make and receive calls, but consider it an extension of the iPhone - not a brand-new way to make phone calls.

2) It's really good at telling time:
As in, it functions like a watch, only better. According to Apple, it keeps time within 50 milliseconds of the global standard. Great, now we'll really have no excuse for being late.

3) It can keep you in shape:
The watch won't exercise for you (though that'd be sweeeeet) but it does make it easier to track your calorie burn and heart rate with its two fitness Apps already built in to the watch. Plus, it'll be compatible with external fitness apps, like Nike Plus.

4) It can replace your wallet and keys:
You can use the Apple Watch to pay for things with Apple Pay. If your house has a smart lock on the door (or you are staying at a hotel with one) you can use the watch to unlock them.

5) You won't have to sacrifice fashion to wear it (or washing your hands):
The watch is sleekly designed and comes in three different varieties so you can choose one that works best with your personal style, including one that comes in 18-karat gold if you're fancy like that. It's also water resistant, so while you can't wear it in the shower or swimming, you won't have to worry about doing simple, water-adjacent tasks with your new watch on.

So is the Apple Watch worth the buzz or the estimated $349 price tag? While some of these features do sound cool, I'm not sure I'm ready to pony up and get on the waiting list for the new watch. My iPhone seems to be working just fine, and I'd rather save my wrist for statement bracelets.


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