You'll Never Guess How 'North of Nine' Got Their Band Name

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Ever since we premiered North of Nine's lyric video for "Can It Be You?" in January, we knew these guys would be headed north (up)! Also, it doesn't hurt that they've got a Maroon 5 vibe going on.

Front man Jackson Guthy got on the phone with us to talk about their brand new EP, and in the process we learned how the guys came up with their unique band name. (The rest of the band includes Nolan Frank, Rob Ketchum, Edison Lo and Michael O'Grady.)

C: The band was put together by Randy Jackson. Did you have any say regarding who else got in?
JG: I was the one who came up with the band idea with Randy. We thought of it right before I got booked on the 5SOS tour, but because my name was all over the tour and stuff, I did that and right when I got home I called Rob who I've been on tour with and we got in a room with a bunch of people. These four dudes really worked with me and we love playing music with each other.

C: Your guys' brand new EP Alive is out on March 10. How involved were you with the writing process?
JG: There are five songs on it that I wrote with my producer Gavin Brown and it was an amazing experience because I went in not knowing what will come out. But we got in the studio for a week and a half and then we put together a list of songs and we've gotten a great response from it.

C: Can we expect a full album any time soon?
JG: We're currently working on the full long play, but we're really excited for people to get a taste of what's to come with the EP.

C: We're curious to know how you guys came up with the band name. Mind sharing the back story?
JG: A lot of it actually comes from my mom. She always told me when I was a kid that in life it's really important to find your truth north, the one thing that you're constantly striving for, the thing that gets you out of bed that makes you feel good. That really resonated with me. And when I was a baby - my mom's weird by the way - she went to see an astrologist and supposedly I was born in the year where the nine planets aligned or something.

(Side note: 18-year-old Jackson is a super humble guy. He told us, "Thank you so much for believing in us. I appreciate everyone who believes in what we're trying to do cause it's really hard to find genuine people who believe in the music.")

We love that he's hard working, talented and that he got his band name from his mom, pretty much. Don't forget to check out the band's new EP!


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