Did Kylie Jenner Just Diss Her Brothers?

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We haven't seen or heard much about Rob Kardashian lately. The reality star, who infamously fled Europe right before Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding, has been keeping a pretty low profile.

There are reports that the new Keeping Up With The Kardashians contract doesn't even include him as a regular cast member, so it sounds like he's just busy doing his own thing - but is he actually spending less time with the family, too?

Kylie Jenner and Rob seemed pretty close - in fact, some thought they were a little too close for comfort after a sexy pic of Kylie mysteriously appeared on his Twitter timeline with the caption "men."

We haven't seen him popping up in any of the famous fam's Instagram candids when they're out together, either, so we're kinda wondering what's going on.

To make things even more confusing, Kylie posted the above photo of herself and Khloe Kardashian's on-again, off-again boyfriend French Montana with the caption, "Big Bro for real." When 'for real,' Rob is actually her big bro.

We can't help but wonder if she was trying to make a statement with that caption. She also has other, real brothers from Bruce Jenner's side of the family (same dad, different moms) and since it appears that there seems to be somewhat of a disconnect between the Kardashians and Jenners right now, maybe Kylie isn't sure whose side to take?

Do you guys think she was trying to make a statement with this pic or was it just a fun photo caption?

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