Lily James and Richard Madden Talk Favorite 'Cinderella' Scene

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When you think of the Disney classic Cinderella, the most memorable scenes likely involve losing a glass slipper at the royal ball or a fairy godmother turning a pumpkin into a carriage. But Lily James and Richard Madden, the stars of the new live action version, say their favorite scene to shoot was a brand new one in the movie where Prince Charming first meets Cinderella galloping through the forest on horseback.

"We were outside Windsor Castle in the deer park and there was sun coming through the trees and we were on these horses," Lily explained to Cambio during AOL Build. "I had just learned to ride and I was going way out of control and then it's the scene where they first meet, so it was quite romantic and electric."

"It was our first day of filming as well," Richard, who you may recognize as Robb Starck from Game of Thrones, added. "It was good to be outside and on was our first day on set and the energy of everything started and it was a really great scene."

In case you're curious, the talented twosome didn't use stunt doubles for their equestrian scenes. Lily revealed that she took months of horseback lessons before filming began. See the results of her riding lessons and the romance between Ella and her Prince when Cinderella hits theaters March 13!

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