Anne Hathaway Suffers Makeup Malfunction in New York City

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Anne Hathaway certainly isn't the first celeb to suffer a makeup malfunction and we're sure she won't be the last. Why? Because when you're being photographed from every single angle with cameras that could spot a dust mite from a mile away, they're bound to catch something that isn't picture perfect (literally) with a celeb's makeup.

This week's makeup malfunction comes to us courtesy of Anne Hathaway, who was attending the opening night performance of 'Josephine and I' at the Public Theatre in New York City and maybe just forgot to do the final powder blend before she hit the red carpet.
The Public Theaters Opening Night Celebration Of The good news is that it was pretty much only noticeable if you caught Anne from the right angle. Here's a shot of her from the front and unless you were looking for it, you probably wouldn't notice, right?
The Public Theaters Opening Night Celebration Of In fact, makeup malfunction aside, we think she looks really, really good! Anne can rock a red lip like nobody's business and her eye makeup and hair look amazing.

As for the powder situation, don't worry, Anne! You're in good company...
As it turns out, what we see on camera as a "makeup malfunction," might actually look fine in person. After Angelina Jolie's highly-publicized powder situation, Us Weekly got the scoop from a makeup artist, who told them that, "What looks perfect in normal lighting can appear totally different when you have the harsh lights of flashing cameras on you."

They added, "Many women think you can just touch up with any powder for a red carpet event, but all powders have different finishing textures."

Plus, to both of their credit, they've done hundreds of appearances and if this is the only time we've ever noticed their makeup not being absolutely perfect, that's still a pretty good record.
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