This Fake Harvard Rejection Letter Almost Broke the Internet

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We really were hoping this was real life.

High School senior Molly McGaan rose to internet fame after her supposed rejection letter from Harvard went viral on the web a few days ago. It had quite a few awesome aspects to it, particularly that the university was rejecting her because of the inappropriate hip hop references in her admissions letter, for calling them "slanks" and sending them her mixtape (which they didn't find to be "fire" for starters).

In the letter, the Harvard Dean of Admissions also said in spite of her "proficiency in 'dank memes' " or her "level of $wagg moneyyyyyy," they couldn't grant her admission. It also didn't help that Molly ended her admissions letter with "McGaan out."

After just about everyone shared the letter on social media, Molly admitted it was a total fabrication. But, there was a twist. "OKAY BUT I ACTUALLY APPLIED TO HARVARD WHAT IF THEY SEE THIS AND GET MAD AT ME," she tweeted. "This is really scary omg."

Molly went on to tell the Chicago Sun Times, "The point was that it would be so absurd it would be funny. It never crossed my mind that anyone would think this is real."

"March is when people start getting letters back from colleges, and it's really, really stressful," she continued. "Especially for me because I got rejected from a theater program at Michigan."

Whether she'll actually get into Harvard or not is still up in the air, but so far she did get accepted to the University of Michigan in a different program. And she had a special message for her mom now that she has some internet fame.
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