Is Shailene Woodley in Love?

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Shailene Woodley has made it clear she's not afraid to show affection (she's a total hugger, for starters). Now, she's opening up about her perspective on love.

"I'm all-loving," the Insurgent star told Elle. "I fall in love with people based on who they are. "I never want to love like this" - Shailene holds her arms outstretched, as if to envelop someone (the mag reported). "I always want to love like this." She thrusts her arms behind her back, pressing her chest forward. "Heart centered, like, 'This is who I am! And I love you if you love me for who this person is. And if not, I'll still love you, but I ain't fallin' in love with you!'"

"When you're truly in love, for me, it''re my lighthouse!," she continued. "You're somebody who holds me high, keeps me safe, you've got my f**kin' back.... You also love me whole, wild, and free. You let me do me, and I'm gonna let you do you! And I'll be the home that you return to."

As for whether she's in love right now, Shailene played coy and only gave a smile. The actress, who grew up in Simi Valley, Calif., said she was "born into a family of warriors" and draws a lot of her beliefs about life from her "banging 69-year-old" grandmother.
During a day when she was having a teenage crisis in the past, her grandmother, whom she calls 'Grams,' said, "Shai, the most important thing in life is self-love. You've gotta take care of yourself. You've got to take care of yourself, and you gotta live from your deep heart.'"

"For some reason, her saying the words deep heart just always stuck with me," she continued. "And I was like, 'Well, what is a deep heart? What does it actually mean?' What I've come to determine in my life is that my deep heart is my-it's my compassion, empathy, and intuition. Because your intuition never wants to be mean to somebody. You intuitively know that another human being on this planet is hurting just as badly as you may be. The way that they express themselves could be rude or seen as douchey or whatnot. But maybe they're scared, or had no one there to support them."

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