Kids Read Mean Tweets in Powerful Anti-Bullying PSA

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When we see celebrities reading the mean things people have tweeted to them, it's funny. They're used to this sort of stuff, they get it all the time and unfortunately, criticism is sort of part of the celeb gig.

Not that it doesn't hurt, but they've learned over the years to let it roll off their backs. Plus, for every mean tweet, they're getting hundreds of nice ones, so it's hard to imagine it would really hurt their confidence too much.

What about kids, though? What happens when they get mean tweets, because the sad truth is that they are getting them, too. In fact, according to, nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online - with 1 in 4 experiencing it more than once. Not as funny anymore, is it? And since they don't have millions of "fans" tweeting nice stuff to balance the scales, it crazy.

If you've ever had a mean thing tweeted at you, you totally know the feeling. 'Oh, someone mentioned me! Let me see what they said...' and then you click on it and your stomach just drops.

In this brilliant anti-bullying PSA by the Canadian Safe School Network, kids read mean things that were tweeted to them and it's absolutely heartbreaking.

The first few are a little less intense and even have a laugh-track in the background, like 'this is fun, listen to these tweets...' and then s**t gets real - ending with one tweet where someone told the girl she should 'do everyone a favor' and kill herself. Thankfully, she did everyone - especially herself - a favor by NOT listening to her cyberbully.

It's pretty intense and the fact that they followed the same 'fun' format as Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" made you see how painfully different it is when it's happening to kids.
Author Lizzie Velasquez On How She Overcame Cyber-Bullying


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