Miles Teller Reveals How He Got Buff for Upcoming Boxing Movie

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Miles Teller took his fitness to the next level for his role as a boxer in the upcoming flick Bleed for This.

The Divergent star revealed he completely transformed his body to play World Champion boxer Vinny Pazienza, telling E! News, "When I started training I was like 188 and like 18 percent body fat. I got down to 168 and six percent. That was for his first fight in the movie, but in the film, Paz actually goes up three weight classes. For the last fight I was at 183. So I gained 15 pounds in like two and a half weeks."

As for the specifics on how he got into fighting shape, he added, "It started out with just diet and kind of fixing your body with that stuff. And then I just got into really serious boxing training. I would do like four hours boxing, two hours weights [and] two hours physical therapy."

Sound intense? It did to Miles too. "That was pretty killer," he continued. "When I was filming the Fantastic Four and I was filming Insurgent, I was training for that. It was about an eight month process by the time it was all said and done."

The film tells the story of Vinny, who makes a big comeback after getting into a near fatal car crash and not knowing if he would ever walk again. Bleed for This also stars Katey Sagal and Aaron Eckhart.

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