Are Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss Fighting Over Taylor Swift?

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Is there a battle of the supermodels going on right now? There's talk that Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss are feuding over their mutual friend Taylor Swift.

According to, Cara "talks mad smack" about Tay behind her back, and when Karlie "totally called her out on it one day," things got "really ugly." They're saying all of that went down "right after" the BRIT Awards, which happened last month.

"Cara can be extremely two faced, like whenever she sees Taylor she acts like they're best friends but then behind her back she makes fun of her," says an insider for HollywoodLife. "She was all over Taylor at the Brit Awards even though she always says how boring Taylor is, so Karlie called her out for being a fake and Cara went crazy on her, it got really ugly."

Maybe it's because Cara dated Taylor's famous ex Harry Styles, too? Hmm...

While all of that might sound really awesome in drama-queen-land, another site is shooting down the Cara and Karlie feud rumors. reports that people from Karlie's camp and Cara's team told them that the fighitng-over-Taylor story isn't true and never happened.

Either way, do you think T-Swift's friends really do beef over her?

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