Basketball Players Defend Bullied Down Syndrome Cheerleader

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Desiree Andrews, a Lincoln Middle School cheerleader with Down syndrome, got some cheerleaders of her own when three basketball players stuck up for her against bullies. In the middle of a game, kids in the bleachers began making fun of Desiree's dancing on the sidelines and these three awesome guys stopped the game and decided to step in.

The three players walked off the court mid-game and told the bullies to stop insulting her. "It's not fair when other people get treated wrong," Scooter Terrien explained of their bold actions. "We're all the same and we're all created the same and God made us the same way."

Not only did the boys shut down the bullies, but the gymnasium is now even being called "D's House" in honor of Desiree. When a local news station asked Desiree for her reaction to the boys' coming to her defense, she summed it up perfectly in these four words: "Sweet, awesome, kind and amazing."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Well done, guys!

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