PETA Upset After Kylie Jenner Posts Picture of Her Dog With Pink Painted Nails

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We know PETA has a bone to pick with Kim Kardashian because she likes to wear fur. And now that she's been dressing North West in fur, they aren't happy with her about that, either (you can't blame Nori, she doesn't know any better).

But, why are they mad at Kylie Jenner now? What did she do wrong?

In a pic Kylie recently posted of her new dog, Bambi, the dog's nails appeared to be painted pink and really, why does a dog need their nails painted? If you decide your pup absolutely needs a pedicure, there are pet safe polishes, which we really hope Kylie used. PETA, however, would prefer you don't use any.

"All animals are naturally beautiful - without any extra flair," the animal rights organization's Senior Vice President told GossipCop in an exclusive statement.

They also said that because Kylie loves her dog, she should understand the devastating process that making a fur coat entails. "Because Kylie loves Bambi, we implore her to think long and hard about continuing to wear fur, especially considering that most fur comes from China, where dogs as dear as Bambi are bludgeoned to death for theirs," the SVP explained to GossipCop.

We had to take a second to pause and process that heartbreaking thought...

If Kylie really wants to understand they encouraged her to watch their expose on the Chinese fur farms.

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