Demi Lovato Gives Scoop on New Album, Reveals Which Celebs Fangirl Over Her

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Lovatics (yours truly included) damn near lost it when their queen Demi Lovato spoke of a "new sound" and fierce determination to get a Grammy nomination while prepping her upcoming fifth album. Naturally, we just had to ask Demi about the new record when we saw her at her Tampax and Always event in L.A.

She kept mum for the most part, which made us even more excited for the project, but we did our best to squeeze any info out of her. We already told you she'd love for Jessie J to contribute to the album. Now, read on to see what else Demi had to say, including celebs she was surprised to learn were fangirls.

C: You recently revealed that you found your "new sound." Can you tell us more about it?
DL: Right now, I'm just in the studio'll just have to wait and see.

C: Are there any artists or music out right now that is inspiring your new album?
DL: I'm inspiring myself. There are a lot of people who are super talented right now who are on the radio...and there are some who aren't even on the radio. I prefer to to just focus on my own stuff.

C: You're big into empowering women. Will we hear some girl power songs on the record?
DL: I think so. I think a part of growing up and the evolution of my music has to do a lot with embracing the growth I've had as a person – and if that ties in with girl power, then that's great. But then again, nobody really knows what's going to make the album right now. We're still in the studio making music.
C: Have you ever been surprised to learn that someone was a big fans of yours?
DL: Sam Smith! He knows all my music that aren't singles, so I was excited about that. Somebody who really surprised me was Jane Fonda. She actually came up to me and told me how much she loved one of my songs. She said she could relate to it. She really surprised me with that and it meant a lot to me.

C: What type of song would you like to receive a Grammy Award for one day?
DL: For me, it's not even about winning it. I just hope to be nominated one day. A lot of people say that, but I really, truly mean it. Just to be put in that category would be incredible. I think whatever it is will have to be authentic to who I am as a person and artist. I would love for it to show off what I really can do.
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