Girl's Mentos Bikini and Diet Coke Bathtub Video is a Hilarious Fail

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Hey, remember the viral video of the guy who covered himself in Mentos and plunged into a bathtub full of Coke? This girl had the same idea, but with a very different outcome. Results may vary, we suppose.

$40 worth of Diet Coke in a tub, Mentos hot glue gunned onto a bikini (er, bra and panties)...and...wait for it...nothing happened. First, there wasn't even enough Coke to make it an adequate depth for her to submerge in, so there was no initial contact with the candies. So she poured some over herself. Um. Nope. She finally got the idea that getting the Mentos into the soda would help, so she laid on her stomach. Still no luck.

The guy who taped the Mentos to his body and took a dip into an impossibly small bathtub at least got some bit of fizz going on. Bikini girl got nothing – flat soda, zero reaction.

On the bright side: Internet fame, even if it was for an epic fail. On the flip side: she wasted all that money on Diet Coke and ruined her bra and panties!

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