Trans Teen Jazz Jennings Lands Campaign With Clean and Clear

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Jazz Jennings has been making a name for herself in the LGBT community for quite some time. After appearing on Barbara Walters' special about transgender kids when she was only in kindergarten, the now 14-year-old has gone on to be a noted LGBT activist and just landed a major campaign with Clean & Clear.

Jazz, who was dubbed one of Time's "most influential teens" in 2014, is the star of the brand's "#SeetheRealMe" campaign, and talks about her life as a transgender teen in middle school in a newly released video for it.

"I've always known exactly who I am...I was a girl trapped in a boy's body," Jazz says in the clip. "Growing up has been quite a struggle being transgender, especially in middle school. Some kids greet each other with hugs and then just give me a 'hi and sometimes I've even been called an I basically kept to myself."
She eventually came out of her shell and decided to make a change, inviting girls over to her house and hosting hang outs. "The real me is happy and proud to be who I am and I'm just having fun being one of the girls," she continued, as video clips showed her laughing with her female friends, putting on make-up and doing their hair together.

Jazz not only is the first transgender spokesperson ever for Clean & Clear, but she also has her own YouTube channel where she talks candidly about her life as a transgender teen. She's even written a book called "I Am Jazz," and will soon be starring with her family on the TLC reality show "All That Jazz."

"I don't care what people think...the only opinion that really affects me is my opinion of myself because I determine the way I am. Not anyone else," she said in a YouTube Q&A. "Some people say I was too young to transition...I knew who I was from an early age and you can't tell me who I was, because you don't know what's going on in my head, or how I feel, and you can't define me. I define myself."

Talk about an inspiration.

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