Kanye West Has High Standards for North's Toys

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Kanye West is a creative guy, so when he sees his daughter playing with toys that don't have all that much to offer from an intellectual standpoint, he's not exactly pleased.

In a new interview with Clique TV, Kanye says he has one major complaint about some of North's toys, and that even includes some that he's given her...

"I gave my daughter these toys and I was complaining about some of the toys that my daughter had and I was saying these toys don't have enough quality, soul, life, energy in them," he explained. "Then [Italian artist] Vanessa Beecroft bought her these wolves that were very life-like and when my daughter saw them she started screaming and running around and was the happiest I'd ever seen her."

Fair enough. Some kids toys are kinda lame, but we thought they had come a long way in terms of technology, especially since we were that age.

The 37-year-old rapper also said that his daughter is tech-savvy, telling them, "My daughter learned how to swipe before she learned how to read."

We can totally believe that. We've seen it happen a lot, kids just pick up the phone or iPad and they automatically know to start swiping. Sometimes they swipe away in your inbox instead of your photo section, which isn't always ideal, but they do know how to do it.

As for the other toddler toys that North has, we wonder where the mini Lamborghini that Kanye got her falls on that "quality, soul, life and energy" scale. Hopefully that one passed the test...otherwise, we know plenty of kids who would be happy to take it off of their hands!

Like father like daughter

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