Meet Keiynan Lonsdale, the New Divergent Hottie in 'Insurgent'

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For his first feature film in America, we think Keiynan Londsale is doing alright.

The Australian native has always been a natural when it came to performing, with dance as his first love. Since then he's picked up more talents like singing, writing and acting. Keiynan's U.S. feature debut will be the highly-anticipated film Insurgent, in which he takes on the roll of Uriah, who is also a divergent.

C: How was your auditioning process? Did you fly to the states for it?
KL: "I did it on self tape back in Australia. It was pretty lucky that it worked that well. I sent my original tape and about a month later they said they wanted me to Skype with the director and casting director and I was lucky enough to get the call that I got the role. I was over the moon!"

C: The Divergent trilogy already had success and a big following by the time you got on board. Did you feel extra pressure being in this movie?
KL: "No, not necessarily. I was just excited to step onto a project with such a strong cast. I was a fan of the original movie. If anything I felt a little bit of pressure doing him [Uriah] justice because I knew fans would be really excited to see him in the second installment."

C: Tell us a little more about Uriah. What's your favorite thing about him?
KL: "Uriah is also a divergent, so that's why he and Tris develop a really great friendship where they get to share this trait about themselves. He's not just a fighter or the funny guy, he's also the guy who's kind of a deep thinker, even if he doesn't like to admit it. He just sees the world in a different light than most people. He's a good guy, a bit of a charmer, cool, confident and calm."

C: How was it working so closely with Shailene Woodley? As awesome as we'd imagine?
KL: "It's pretty amazing. She's got such a calm energy around her that makes you feel a little more confident and comfortable with what you're doing. My first scene was just me and her so I was pretty scared at first, but she's so great and her work on and off set is unbelievable."

C: Other than your accent training, what was the most challenging part of this experience?
KL: "I think it's just being comfortable in your own skin. For me, this was such a big project to walk into and it was so daunting to step into a world with such a big cast in a Hollywood film. I'm just not used to that world so it took me a while to find that air and energy to relax into it. It was hard to realize how confident I should be and just relax."

C: No spoilers, but will we be seeing Uriah in the next installment?
KL: "I believe so. You never know for sure, but he's definitely a big part of the last installment in the book. I want to continue to grow and I hope I get to do that. That's a great part of being a part of a franchise, you get to develop a character."

Our fingers are crossed for Uriah! Don't forget to check out Insurgent in theaters on March 20.


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