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Where Are the Great Female Musicians?

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I'm still not sure why there was what appears to be a RANDOM LIME on the stage during my Brits performance.

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I recently compiled a list of my favorite musicians in history, because I'm that kind of weirdo. And something strange happened. I realized that a great majority of my favorites were men. Which leads to the question: Am I some kind of sexist jerk against my own gender?

So I turned to the great music authority that is Rolling Stone for answers. Turns out, most of their favorite musicians are men, too. On their top 20 list of greatest musicians all time, only one, Aretha Franklin, was a woman-well technically, one and a quarter because Velvet Underground was also on the list and Nico was a member for a little while, so that counts for something, right?

What's going on here? Do women just stink at music or is there some larger force at work?

Congrats to rock goddess @joanjett for being inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame

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Virginia Woolf once said, "For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." That explains this music industry discrimination. No matter how brilliant a female musician is, she may not be recognized in the same way as a man. It's common knowledge, that in any field, a woman will have to prove herself over and over. The music industry is no exception.

Many critics said that last year women made great strides in music, as you had hitmakers like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry taking over charts, but it was also the Year of the Butt, a sure sign that women are still not taken as seriously as they should be in the music industry.

But we can change that. There are many brilliant women creating songs just as powerful as Led Zeppelin, just as beautifully lyricized as Bob Dylan, just as passionate as Stevie Wonder, and just as eclectic as Jack White. We just have to seek them out, give them the attention they deserve, and make sure they are added to our music history books with those guys.

In fact, here are five up-and-comers you should definitely keep an eye on.
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