Katy Perry Explains Why She Was Wearing a "Mom" Necklace

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Sometimes rumors start all by themselves and sometimes it just takes one little spark and boom goes the dynamite! The most recent rumor circulating about Katy Perry is that she's pregnant and it was one of those itty bitty little spark situations.

The pop star posted the above picture on her Instagram account where she's wearing a necklace that says "mom" and she gave her Katy Cats a shoutout in the caption.

Similar to the way Lady Gaga is "Mother Monster" to her "Little Monsters" (aka her fans), Katy is a 'mom' of sorts to her Katy Cats, too.

After the necklace started some pregnancy rumors, Katy quickly set the record straight during an appearance on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today.

"I am a mother to all of the Katy Cats, that was the caption @KatyCats," she said. "They call me mom. It's like an Internet thing...you're really kind of aging yourself, Ryan!"

"Listen, I'm on tour and I've done 127 tour dates so far," she continued. "It wouldn't be appropriate at this point right now, but I am the mother to all the Katy Cats and that's what I posted on Instagram."

So, that settles that...

Also during the interview, Katy brought out a very important struggle that all girls who have had hair extensions can probably relate to.

Check out the full interview above - or jump to 2:50 if you just want to go straight to the weave woes.

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