Zayn Malik Left One Direction Tour to Be With Perrie Edwards?

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Zayn Malik has had quite a week, from rumors he was cheating on Perrie Edwards, to a required 'weed bond' for One Direction's Philippines show...and now Zayn is taking a break from the tour due to stress.

Naturally, there are loads of rumors swirling about just how long he'll be gone, what he's doing now that he's back in London, whether he and Perrie will break up, and if he'll ultimately quit the band.

Zayn has reportedly returned home to spend time with Perrie, with reports saying that she gave him an ultimatum after the cheating rumors surfaced.

An insider told The Sun: "Perrie was very upset when she saw them online. She doesn't believe he has cheated but obviously the pressure of both having very busy schedules and being the other side of the world has taken its toll. They're immensely busy people and hopefully this break will do both Zayn and her some good."

The source also explained that Zayn worries about what will happen, saying, "He fears for his future in the band as he can't go on feeling like this."

Meanwhile, a source told that Perrie "was furious about the pictures of him holding hands with an attractive blonde fan, and delivered an ultimatum to leave the tour and fix their relationship." She reportedly told Zayn: "Get home if you want to sort this mess out, or we're done."

The source added that Zayn "will do absolutely anything to make sure he doesn't lose her. At the end of the day, she's the most important person in his life."

As for the inevitable band breakup rumors, a source told that right now "the rest of the guys are really worried about him but disappointed he's not there," adding, "Their main concern is they want him to get better."

The insider noted, "They don't want him to quit. Louis [Tomlinson] is the closest to him and is the most worried."

Another source told "Zayn is exhausted and just needs a break. Out of everyone of the boys, he's the one who struggles dealing with being in the spotlight the most. He can't cope with the level of scrutiny he gets put under. He's just 22. He's going to stay with family in England who are really concerned."

The insider further explained, "It all stems from photos that hit yesterday of him with a fan which caused huge problems with his girlfriend, Perrie. The media accused him of cheating and he exploded over it. He's had enough of the constant craziness."

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