'Workaholics' Guys Give Advice on How to Break Into Comedy

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Comedy gold.

We're so happy someone at Comedy Central found Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck on YouTube and gave them a shot at their hilarious show, Workaholics.

Fast forward 4 years later, the real life best friends are currently on their 5th season. The comedy follows 3 best friends who live and work together at a telemarketing company (plus their drug dealer friend) after they dropped out of college, while they're trying to transition into adulthood. We got to catch up with the guys at this years' Paley Fest which honors some of the best and most creative TV shows on right now.

Since the guys write, direct and star in the show, how much of it is based on their real life? "69 percent! We keep it all at 69," Anders jokingly told us. As open as they are, there has been some hesitation when it comes to what they do on the show. "Every episode I'm like, 'How are they letting us do this?'" Adam said. "If you watch the show, we've had a dog die, we've killed birds and it all kind of goes under the radar."

Crazy stuff definitely has happened on Workaholics, but even Adam, easily the biggest daredevil on the show has been surprised by what gets the green light. "We wanted to burn an unburnable American flag [once]. So in order to do so, we had to burn like 200 American flags," Adam told us. "You'd think people would have a problem with that, but I think it came from a good point of view."

They may have been discovered on YouTube, but they've got power hitters on their show already. With a list of guest stars ranging from Rebel Wilson to Ben Stiller, who do they want next?

"We want Obama!" Blake quickly said. "We'd go down the list of who Parks and Recreational got and we'll go after them. Amy Poehler, come at us." Adam had someone else in mind. "We ask Scarlett Johansson every episode. She can just walk right in."

Some may call it luck while others call it hard work, but we think it's a combination of both. "We had like maybe 700 views on our videos," Kyle told us when asked if he had advice for young up and coming comedians. Anders gave his two cents adding, "You just really have to keep making new videos. We could still be making videos now, but there was somebody who was looking for what we made at that time - it was the perfect storm."

You hear that, funny people? Keep on going!


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