High School Implements Strict Prom Dress Code, Requires Pre-Approval

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It's prom season soon and while high schoolers are gearing up to find the perfect dress or tux, one school is clamping down on their prom dress code.

Delone Catholic High School in Pennsylvania has implemented a policy that will require "all young women" to "submit a photo of the gown that will be worn to the prom for pre-approval." Here are the school's guidelines: "Women's gowns may not be extremely short, have an extremely low cut front or back, have any excessively high cut slits, have overly revealing midriffs, or be inappropriately revealing - giving the illusion of nudity."


While the policy sounds a bit over-the-top, there is another concern – the pre-approval requirement was added to the formal wear dress code on March 13 and there are plenty of people who already bought a dress.

The school's website explains the pre-approval policy is a "proactive approach to prevent student's embarrassment and disappointment of being denied entrance to prom due to dress code infractions." Students and parents aren't quite seeing it that way, with one parent creating a petition at change.org to try eliminate the new guidelines.

In addition to the need to have their dress pre-approved, the school also said that students "need to be dressed in gender-specific formal wear," so girls will not be allowed to wear tuxedos and guys can't wear a dress.

What do you think of this prom policy?

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