Katy Perry and John Mayer Call It Quits Again

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Well, that was short-lived.

We were kind of excited that Katy Perry and John Mayer were back together because she seemed happy and they're cute together. Unfortunately, before we were able to get too excited about their rekindled romance, it's already over.

E! News reports that not only are they broken up again, this time it's for good. They've been on and off before, though, how do they know for sure? Because a source tells them this time they broke up not because of crazy busy schedules or bad timing, but due to a "lack of emotional interest" on John's end. What?!

Apparently John is telling his friends that "fell out of love with" Katy, but will always love her. It sounds kind of confusing, but we've actually been in that situation. You have mad love FOR someone, but you're not IN love with them.

Hopefully Katy can find a great guy in the future, when she's ready for another relationship. In the meantime, the superstar is just doing her thing. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar last year, the "Roar" singer said she isn't in a hurry to get married and have babies.

"When I do these interviews, a lot of these clips people pull out are like, 'Katy Perry doesn't want a man to have babies. I'm like, 'I didn't say that. I just said, I'm good.' Why am I a baby machine? Why can't I be a mogul?" she asked. Girl, you can and you ARE!

"I want to have a baby, sure, but I want to have a career," she continued. "I want to have a record label. I want to have an incredible tour. So, I'm going to have all of those things...It's like, get out of my ovaries, OK? I'll do it in time."

'Nuff said!
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