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What's So Almighty About "Girl Almighty"?

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One Direction's latest album, FOUR, came out in late November of 2014. But I have decided that one of those songs, "Girl Almighty," will be my anthem of 2015.

Now, I've heard several people asking just what that song means, I've even had people ask me. But I feel like I know exactly what it means. So, I've decided to break it down for you.

(Her light is as loud as is many ambulances as it takes to save a savior, oh. Oh, oh, oh.)

Now, this one's kind of hard. I almost get how people don't understand it. I mean, how can light be loud? And how many ambulances does it take to save a savior anyway? Infinity. The savior saves you, and so if he needs saving, then he needs all the saving he can get. So basically, it's just saying that she shines infinitely bright, because there's no other way to save a savior.

(She floats through the room on a big balloon.)

She flows through the room, going from person to person to person, making all of the smiles that she can.

(Some say she's such a fake.)

I guess this one is kind of obvious. Nobody thinks she's real. Nobody thinks that the smiles she's giving out are real.

(That her love is made, oh no. No, no, no.)

Nobody thinks that even the love she gives out is real.

(Let's have another toast to the Girl Almighty.)

That Girl is so Almighty that all they can do is raise a toast to her. Like you would raise a toast to the queen of the gods or something.

(Pray we stay young, stay made of lightning.)

They need to say prayers to just to be able to keep up with her forever.

(Am I the only, the only believer?)

I can't be the only one. There has to be other believers of her out there.

(There's something happening here.)

Everything good that can happen is happening.

(I know you feel it too.)

Of course the Girl Almighty knows it too.

(I'd get down on my knees for you!)

The Girl Almighty makes you want to do anything and everything you possibly can for her.

Now that you know, isn't that the most amazing song you've ever heard? Don't you want it to be your 2015 anthem too? Don't you want to thank One Direction for being one of the only boy bands to break out with such a femme fatale song? I sure do.

So, let's recap.
(Her light is infinitely bright;
She floats around from person to person;
Her smile is true;
You (couldn't) make her kind of love.
Let's all toast to the goddess Hera;
Let's pray we'll always keep up with her.
I can't be the only believer.
Too much good is happening.
I know you know it to.
I'd do anything and everything for you.)
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