Would Amber Portwood Ever Use a Gary Shirley Condom?

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We were all a little surprised when Gary Shirley released his own line of condoms, especially because he may or may not have once used Saran Wrap as a protective barrier.

Of course, the one thing we were all wondering was what Gary's ex, Amber Portwood, thought of the whole thing. Turns out, MTV took it one step further and not only asked Amber that, they also asked her if she'd ever use one! OMG, can you even imagine?

So, what did she say?! As awkward as it is, she actually was given the option of using one when Gary handed her one after she picked up her daughter. "We went and picked up Boo Boo [Leah] one day and he goes 'here you go, you guys can use this tonight' and I'm like 'what is he talking about' and it was his face on it."

"I don't think I could ever use a Gary condom, it would just be weird," she adds. "How can you look at the face and like...it would just be so weird, I couldn't do it!"

She does give him credit for his new business venture, especially because if he's promoting safe sex, good for him, but she does think it's a little ironic because "back in the day" he apparently used to tell her he hated condoms.

Looks like he changed his mind!
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