Ed Sheeran Just Came Up With the Best Name Ever for His Record Label

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So clever. Ed Sheeran just announced big news that he's creating his own record label, and it's name is almost as epic as the news itself.

During a recent interview with Nova FM, Ed spilled the music-making details. He has partnered with Warner Music Group to create a label to launch new acts.

"I've set up my first record label, it's called Gingerbread and Jamie Lawson is my first signing. I wanted Australia to be the launch pad because Australia is a country that I feel would really really dig Jamie," he said.

Gingerbread? OMG, how perfectly fitting is that name?!

"I'm going to focus on this when I'm on tour next year. Hopefully the acts will be up and running by the time I take time off," Ed added.

What made him want to do all of this? The fact that he discovered Passenger, that's what.

"The first time I properly thought about it was when I took Passenger on tour for two years. I took him into my record company and played them the record but they didn't get it. Then I was too busy on my own stuff and I let it slide."

"Then he had a worldwide number one hit. After that, everyone was like, 'Maybe Ed does know what he's talking about.'"

He went on, "There are people on that scene who make me look terrible by just being so good. They haven't got the right platform...I have a tour and Twitter, so I can put them in front of my fans instantly. I can sit down with heads of radio stations and ask whether they'll play it on the radio. I'm in a really fortunate position to be able to break acts."

Wow, how cool is he? Seriously. He's going to do all of this work to get little bands and acts noticed? Sweet. And for reals...that record label name. Best name ever, right?

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