Ed Sheeran Officially Can't Speak, Talking via Whiteboard

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Poor, Ed Sheeran! Our favorite ginger singer is officially without a voice...and talking to peeps via whiteboard. Ouch.

What's his deal? Well, Eddie apparently has a severe case of the man flu. He's okay and everything, but the illness did a number on his vocal chords, causing docs to put him on vocal rest.

Ed made the announcement on Twitter posting, "Been told by the vocal doc not to talk at all between shows and they're giving me a white board to communicate with, could prove interesting."

Bummer! We don't know how long he'll remain on vocal rest, but it doesn't look like he'll be forced to cancel any upcoming tour dates. He's currently touring in Australia, so lets hope he heals up ASAP!

This news comes days after Eddie revealed that he's starting his own record label. What's even better than that news? The fact that the label is called Gingerbread, that's what.

Hope you feel better soon, Ed!

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