What Is Heidi Montag Wearing on Her Arm?

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Heidi Montag has a really good sense of style, so when we saw her wearing this weird tape stuff on her arm, we weren't exactly sure what to make of it.

Is it a bandage? Is it a new accessory? Do we need to run to the mall and get one before we go out tonight? We need answers and we need them now!

Here's another look at it...we kinda thought it was attached to the shirt, but it moved when she hugged hubby Spencer Pratt, so it's definitely an independent accessory...but what the heck is it?!
WE tv Presents:So, what IS it? Fashion or first aid? Both, kinda...

"I had minor surgery for severe tendinitis and the tape helps the muscles heal faster," Heidi told Us Weekly. "I forgot my jacket and Spencer [Pratt] said it looked cool so I went for it. I felt like I had a giant tattoo for a night, it was so cool!"

Not gonna lie, it's kind of growing on us. It's definitely unique and it was certainly an eye-catching accessory whether it was meant to be one or not.

And don't worry, it looks like someone ended up lending Heidi their jacket, so she didn't have to freeze all night. Not quite as fun without the tape, though, is it?

Tape or no tape, Heidi and Spencer both looked great at the event.
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