Cara Delevingne's Doppelganger: Meet Her Instagram Twin!

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Meet Cara Delevingne's twin. Well, not really her twin sister, but holy doppelganger, doesn't she look exactly like Cara? Mind = blown.

Olivia Herdt, a 14-year-old from Uruguay, has loads of pics of herself and Cara on her Instagram page, which is quite honestly confusing the heck out of us. Which photos are Cara and which are Olivia?

She is such a spot-on perfect lookalike – similar facial features and even Cara's signature eyebrows too. Olivia looks like she loves to pull a silly face, which is also one of Cara's fave past times on Instagram.

Last year, Olivia posted a pic of Cara, writing: "Mu favorite girl ever. Since 2012 i am a delevingner. I love you Cara."

She also wrote: "Cara i love you so so so much.You always make me laugh Because you are so funny and Thank you for make me HAPPY everytime that i see you.One of my dreams is meeting you and i want to met you.i really dont know but it must be hard Being famous and all that shit but you do it for us,delevingners.💕 I dont think you read this but what ever,i love you"

Olivia also commented: "She's the best ídol ever,so funny and original.Always do what she wants,everybody should be like her.She is my inspiration and my role model.And when people say to me that i look like her i just start crying because some day maybe i will met her."

Quick, someone get Cara and Olivia together for the ultimate twinsies selfie!

Wow my ig is so pink right now lol

A photo posted by Oli (@olivia.herdt) on

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