What Happened When Selena Gomez Fans Thought That "Selena" Statue Was for Her

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Embarrassing! Selena Gomez fans accidentally mistook a Selena Quintanilla statue as one for the "I Want You to Know" singer, and posted a picture on Instagram bragging about it. Too bad, the legendary singer's brother noticed the post, called the mistake out, and wasn't happy about it.

The murdered Tejano performer's brother A.B. re-Instagrammed a picture he saw online of two, young Selena fans at his sister's statue in Corpus Christi, Texas.

He posted a screenshot of one mother's post from her daughter's Spring Break trip. "Jazz and Travis with Selena Gomez..Corpus...Spring Break 2015," the picture of the kids in front of the statue read.

Of course, that statue is NOT of Selena G. but of Selena Q. The singer's bro couldn't believe the young ones made such a mistake, captioning his screenshot, "Wow."

We have to agree with him, but then again, maybe they're too young to know about the gorgeous singer. The mother should've known, though...Like seriously, who didn't see that movie or doesn't know her songs? And real Selener fans know that she was actually named after THE Selena, so obviously the statue isn't for her. The ladies do creepily look alike, though...Believe in reincarnation, anyone?

Anyway, what do you think of the young girls mistaking the Selenas? Mean of her brother to point out their mistake...or necessary?

jQuery19104432283586997242_1427391524515? Wow.

A photo posted by A.B. Quintanilla III (@abquintanilla3) on

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