College Students Discover Their Professor Is a Hot Male Model

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Pardon us while we send in an application.

After students kept swooning over their hot math professor at London College, one of their classmates – Arief Azli– decided to Google the hunk and shared what he found on Facebook, according to Instinct magazine.

What he discovered was kinda amazing. Their professor, Pietro Boselli, also happens to be a male model, and he has an Instagram full of shirtless pics to match. Aside from his chiseled cheekbones and jawline, Pietro has one seriously toned bod.
In one snap, the teacher smolders at the camera as he shows off his muscular arms, chest and six pack abs. "What do you train for?," he captioned the snap. Umm...your class, if we ever had the chance to sign up.

Pietro doesn't only show off his good looks on the runway under his Modeling contract with Models1, he also works as a fitness model and was dubbed the European Fitness Model Champion in 2014, according to his Instagram.
On top of that, he has a PHD in mechanical engineering from London College. So, he's not only hot, but, basically a genius. Mr. Boselli, we would take on any assignment you threw our way.

When it comes to super sleuthing, Arief gets an A+ from us...and every other woman in America.

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