Hilary Duff Explains Why She Finally Posted a Bikini Selfie

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First things first, Hilary Duff didn't need to explain her bikini selfie at all. She looked gorgeous, she posted it with the most beautiful caption, encouraging moms to feel good about themselves and it was one of our favorite photos ever for exactly that reason. End of discussion.

The only reason she's "explaining" it is because it's SO rare for Hilary that everyone was wondering what made her finally decide to do it and along the same lines, we're hoping she can share some advice that the rest of us can use when we're not feeling so confident.

Fortunately, she DOES have some wisdom to offer in that area and she's willing to share it with all of us. During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (which airs today), Hil spilled about what inspired this incredible Instagram moment.

Hey #moms #westillgotit ❤️ #loveyourbod

A photo posted by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

"I had spent all weekend in a bikini, and I was feeling pretty good. I'm just like everyone else. Usually, I'm not feeling so good," she confessed, adding that she has a "love-hate relationship" with her body.

But this time, it was all about the love. "I was on a trip with my son, and it's been three years since I had him," she explains. "I'm just so proud of my body and what it's done for me. It gave me the most beautiful little boy. I feel strong and powerful - and I wanted to inspire other women."

All we have to say about that is... 🙌👏​🙌👏​🙌👏​🙌👏​🙌👏​🙌👏​🙌.

Oh, and one last thing: Thank you, Hilary, for being so. freaking. amazing!
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